Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award

The Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award annually recognizes a members outstanding service contributions to NASSM. The NASSM Distinguished Service Award is intended to (a) be one of distinction within NASSM and the award recipients own academic community, and (b) encourage high standards of service to NASSM and other forms of professional contribution among NASSM's members.


Candidates qualify when they have:

  1. been a member of good standing for at least 10 years in NASSM, and
  2. have an ongoing record of exemplary service to NASSM.

Nomination forms should be submitted with the credentials listed below:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Name of Nominator (self-nominations accepted)
  • Date of Submission
  • Signature of Nominator

In addition the candidate should be sure to:

  • state how long they have been a member of NASSM
  • submit a list of ALL service activities to NASSM in which they have been involved

Please send this nomination form along with the accompanying credentials by no later than July 1 the Member at Large appointed by the NASSM President. The current appointee is:

Dr. Melanie Sartore-Baldwin
East Carolina University

Past Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award Winners

2014: Ming Li, Western Michigan University

2013: Clay Stoldt, Wichita State University

2012: Alison Doherty, Western University

2011: Carol Barr, University of Massachusetts

2010: Dianna Gray, University of Northern Colorado

2009: no recipient due to withdrawal of candidates

2008: Robin Ammon, Slippery Rock University

2007: Karen Danylchuk, The University of Western Ontario

2006: Jacquelyn Cuneen, Bowling Green State University

2005: Sue Inglis, McMaster University

2004: Brenda Pitts, Georgia State University

2003: Garth Paton, University of New Brunswick

2002: Bob Boucher, Windsor University

2001: Janet Parks, Bowling Green State University