Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award


The Zeigler Award is the most prestigious NASSM award and may only be bestowed on an individual once over the course of his/her career.Dr. Earle F. Zeigler


The nominee shall meet the following qualifications.

  1. Must be a NASSM member in good standing that has not previously received the Award.
  2. Must have a minimum of ten years of service as a teacher, supervisor, administrator, or combination of the above.
  3. Must have made significant contributions to the field in terms of scholarship, research, leadership, and peer recognition of his/her contributions.
  4. Must reflect those qualities demonstrated by Dr. Zeigler in the areas of student growth and development, leadership, service, scholarship, and collegiality.
  5. Must have made a significant contribution to the field of sport management.

Nomination Procedure:

The deadline for the NASSM Earle F. Zeigler Lecture is July 1. Information required for award nomination includes:

  • Date
  • Name of Nominee 
  • Name of Nominator 
  • Signature of Nominator

Completed nomination forms are to be emailed to the Member at Large appointed by the NASSM President. The current appointee is:

Dr. Melanie Sartore-Baldwin
East Carolina University

Submission Process:

Individuals who accept their nomination will be asked to submit a vita and a two-page narrative describing their qualifications for the award.  These items must be submitted no later than August 1.


NOTE: A specially-featured distinguished scholarly lecture is delivered regularly at the NASSM conference by a Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award recipient. Subsequently, the lecture is printed in the Journal of Sport Management. Additional information regarding the Earle F. Zeigler Award can be found in the NASSM Operating Codes.


Past Earle F. Zeigler Lecture Award Winners

2014: James Zhang, University of Georgia

2013: George Cunningham, Texas A&M University

2012: Alison Doherty, Western University

2011: David Shilbury, Deakin University

2010: Karen Danylchuk, The University of Western Ontario

2009: Mary Hums, University of Louisville

2008: Lucie Thibault, Brock University

2007: Dan Mahony, University of Louisville

2006: Sue Inglis, McMaster University

2005: Laurence Chalip, University of Texas

2004: Wendy Frisby, University of British Columbia

2003: Jacquelyn Cuneen, Bowling Green State University

2002: Donna L. Pastore, The Ohio State University

2001: W. James Weese, University of Windsor

2000: Brenda G. Pitts, The Florida State University

1999: David K. Stotlar, University of Northern Colorado

1998: Dennis R. Howard, University of Oregon

1997: Garth Paton, University of New Brunswick

1996: Robert Boucher, University of Windsor

1995: Trevor Slack, University of Alberta

1994: Gordon Olafson, University of Windsor

1993: Joy T. DeSensi, University of Tennessee

1992: Janet Parks, Bowling Green State University

1991: Packianathan Chelladurai, The Ohio State University

1989: Earle F. Zeigler, Emeritus, University of Western Ontario