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One of the listed presenters is required to register for the conference by May 1st. There is no conference fee for members; however, one author is required to register if you intend on presenting and submitting a URL link or abstract only for the conference. This is required as a confirmation agreement to retain the abstract in the virtual program and demonstrate an intention to participate in the virtual conference.

Authors who wish to withdraw their abstract from the conference, so they can resubmit it to another conference, can do so without incurring any penalty. To do so, you must formally request this withdrawal by emailing Orland Hoeber, NASSM Web Admin ( and copying Lisa A. Kihl, NASSM 2020 Program Chair ( Please use the subject "NASSM 2020 withdrawal" and include the full title of your abstract in the body and author names.

Authors on presentations in which none of the collaborators can or intend to take part in the Virtual Conference should follow APA guidelines for: "The conference occurs (in person or online only), but you cannot attend or present"

Oral research presentations, poster presentations, and Teaching & Learning Fair presentations will all be offered in an asynchronous format on the NASSM Conference app (accessible via smartphone and computer). The corresponding registered presenter will have to provide a URL for the presentation or choose “abstract only” by May 15. Stacy Warner ( will request these URLs via a Qualtrics survey (anticipated May 10 email) to all presenters registered for the conference. The option for choosing "abstract only" presentation also can be indicated at this time for conference registrants.

Presenters can choose to submit a URL link (preferably housed on your institution’s website) in one of the following formats: a PDF poster, a video of their presentation, or simply choose "abstract only" on the Qualtrics survey. Teaching and Learning Fair authors are asked to submit a URL of a PDF file of handouts in one document. Authors who choose the abstract only option will automatically have their abstract uploaded, so no further action would be required for the 2020 presentation.

  1. PDF files should be stored on a university website or the cloud, and the URL (not the actual file) will need to be provided.
  2. Those using PowerPoint voice over should save their file as a movie (e.g., mp4), and then uploaded and housed/stored on your university’s website. Presenters are reminded that they must only submit that URL. After saving the file, the URL (not the actual file) will need to be provided in Qualtrics survey.
  3. For video presentations, we recommend presenters use Zoom and record their presentation to the Cloud, which will then provide you with a shareable URL to submit. If you or your university does not have Zoom cloud access, presenters should save the file locally. They will then need to upload and store/house the video on your university’s website/cloud. Again, only the URLs will be accepted.

Workshop and symposium participants who decide to carry out their presentation are asked to set up a synchronous session via a platform like Zoom or an asynchronous video presentation. Please remember to have one author registering for the conference by May 1st if you intend to present. Presenters conducting a synchronous session are encouraged to use Zoom, conduct their session between May 27-30, and submit the URL for their Zoom meeting link in the Qualtrics survey. (Once all workshops/symposiums have been scheduled at a convenient time for the presenters, we will notify presenters if any time conflicts with concurrent sessions are scheduled.)


On behalf of the Virtual Conference Committee,

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate our first virtual conference. Your response to our brief survey inquiry about next steps for 2020 and the thoughtful comments and feedback helped guide us. We anticipate that there will be challenges, but we know we are committed to doing our best to meet and serve the majority of members through a virtual conference. If you have questions, concerns, or anything can be better clarified, please let us know.

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